Storytelling for Fundraising

Industry: Nonprofit

Project: As a volunteer committee principal for the Saratoga Festival of Trees, I oversaw all marketing, PR, and advertising for the largest Catholic Charities fundraiser in the area. One of the key projects was managing the content for A Saratoga Christmas, a seasonal magazine produced and published by Saratoga TODAY. Each year, I developed stories on influential supporters of the event.

Results: Catholic Charities is a very private organization and its client information is confidential. Thus, creating an emotional draw to engage donors can be a challenge. The profiles written each year for A Saratoga Christmas were a prominent opportunity to shed light on the “why” behind being a supporter of Catholic Charities. Distributed to the entire Saratoga Springs community, they became the “theme” of each fundraising season and supported the sale of thousands of event tickets which led to tens of thousands of dollars in proceeds for Catholic Charities.

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Content Marketing and Sales

Industry: Industrial Cleaning

Project: At Allegory, I supported Performance Industrial’s inbound and content marketing initiatives with the copywriting and design of over a dozen digital and print collateral pieces in line with the company’s brand standards.

Results: Each piece of content and collateral gave a growing sales team the tools and confidence they needed to open doors and close deals, building an engaged and educated audience along the way. As a newly re-branded company, the consistent graphic design reinforced its image and solidified its positioning.

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PR and Media Relations

Industry: Energy

Project: As the head spokesperson and PR representative for American Natural Gas, I represented the company and its CEO in the announcement of two multi-million dollar acquisitions.

Results: Representing a young CEO in a fast-moving, competitive landscape, I ensured his voice was heard in a chaotic public arena. By focusing outreach on transportation industry publications, I was able to move his business goals forward and put his name in front of decision-makers in his target audience.

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Storytelling for Awards

Industry: A/E/C

Project: The LA Group was involved in a major renovation of the American side of Niagara Falls. In preparation for regional and national award entries, the following narrative was written as a model story to guide subsequent award messaging.

Results: Preparing this foundational content gave The LA Group the power to ensure their name remains at the center of a multi-party award submission.

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Integrated and Inbound Marketing

Industry: Industrial Cleaning

Project: I led the research, persona development, and implementation of a pain point-oriented campaign for increasing awareness of the company’s services amongst targeted manufacturing-industry prospects.

Results: This work tackled combustible dust, a sensitive topic in the industry. As the only contractor in the market talking about it, Performance Industrial inherently became both the thought leader and go-to contact for solutions. Through strategic distribution of the content, I was able to trigger conversations with OSHA and the CEG on behalf of Performance Industrial. The content also helped Performance Industrial’s sales leaders re-engage the region’s largest manufacturers, resulting in multiple large-scale projects for the company.

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Special Event Brand, PR, and Exhibit

Industry: Hospitality

Project:  For the Holiday Inn’s 50th anniversary, I prepared an event positioning statement, including the name and tagline. This writing became a foundational guide for subsequent press releases, interview talking points, video scripting, social media posts, and a 50-foot museum-quality installation. I also collaborated directly with the design team on a logo to “brand” the year-long celebration.

Results: The Holiday Inn has always been a cornerstone member of Saratoga Springs’ tourism industry. However, after 50 years in business, and facing multiple new competitors, it was critical that the hotel reclaim its position in the market. Working directly with the general manager, I helped frame a 50th anniversary celebration that reconnected residents, long-term guests, and industry partners with the Holiday Inn.

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