Special Event Brand, PR, and Exhibit

Industry: Hospitality

Project:  For the Holiday Inn’s 50th anniversary, I prepared an event positioning statement, including the name and tagline. This writing became a foundational guide for subsequent press releases, interview talking points, video scripting, social media posts, and a 50-foot museum-quality installation. I also collaborated directly with the design team on a logo to “brand” the year-long celebration.

Results: The Holiday Inn has always been a cornerstone member of Saratoga Springs’ tourism industry. However, after 50 years in business, and facing multiple new competitors, it was critical that the hotel reclaim its position in the market. Working directly with the general manager, I helped frame a 50th anniversary celebration that reconnected residents, long-term guests, and industry partners with the Holiday Inn.


Event Brand and Positioning


It began with a dream in 1961; a vision for how a new convention-style hotel could shape the future of our city. Armed with courage and the conviction that ‘What Saratoga Springs Builds, Builds Saratoga Springs,’ 300 citizens traveled door-to-door. They sold that idea, as well as shares in the Holiday Inn, the project that became a catalyst to revitalize our downtown. 50 years later, it is time to come together, again.

Heart of our city.

Embracing the spirit of Saratoga, the vision of our founders guides what we are today. We stand for progress and believe that one small change can impact a community in a powerful way. Five decades, hundreds of employees, and thousands of guests later, we’re still the community’s hotel.

Home for our community.

Whether it’s the day you said, “I do,” or the night you won the big award, Grandma’s 80th birthday or a charity gala, each individual memory, pulled together, creates a timeline of stories. Looking back and moving forward, more than ever, we’re invested in the success of Saratoga Springs.

Holiday Inn.  

You’ve shared your special moments with us. Now it’s time to share ours with you. Join the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs as we commemorate our history and celebrate you, our community. Here’s to fifty years together and cheers to fifty more.

Public Relations Materials

Media Alert

Social Media Plan

Feature Pitch

Fact Sheet

Timeline Installation

A collaborative project with Allegory’s senior designer: I was responsible for all research, copywriting, editing, and project and client management.